Testimonial - J. V. Naik

Esteemed Dr. de Souza

I have no words to thank you adequately. You are not only an outstanding ENT Specialist but also a great humanist with a Gandhian vision. Like Mahatma Gandhi who revered the Bible and made Jesus Christ, you too are a friend of the poorest, the loneliest and the lost. In my public career as a humble teacher for nearly six decades, I have rarely come across anyone who made such deep impression on me as a noble humanist with Divine values. You have not only cured of my illness but also gave immense psychological satisfaction. My wife & I, nay my entire family will remain ever grateful to you. You are truly a God's good man. I shall remain in touch with you. Do please let me know if I could be any help to you.As advised by you I will be meeting after ten days with a prior appointment.

My wife joins me in my prayers for the good health & happiness of you and your beloved family.

May God bless you & yours.