Presenting Mr. Salman Khan with the book on Implantable Hearing Device that was dedicated to him on 25th November 2017.

Dr Chris de Souza has edited and authored a Textbook on IMPLANTABLE HEARING DEVICES.
This was published by Plural Publishers located in SAN Diego, California, USA in 2017.

The book was dedicated to Mr Ratan N Tata and to The famous and immensely popular actor Mr Salman Khan.

Both Mr Ratan N Tata and Mr Salman Khan have generously and graciously funded cochlear Implants for poor underprivileged children. As a result thousands of children have benefited from these devices. Dr Chris de Souza Implants these devices at the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra, at the Lilavati Hospital in Bandra and at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Andheri East.

With deep gratitude Dr Chris de Souza presented a copy of the book to Mr Salman Khan.

Mr Salman Khan graciously agreed to see Dr Chris and have his photograph taken.

The book was presented on 25 November 2017
Sincere and deep gratitude to Mr Salman for his unfailing incredible generosity which is awe inspiring.

Our sincere and genuine wish is that God bless Mr Salman Khan all the days of his life.

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